in48 track

Length = 2000 mm, can be shortened
48 V DC, 12.5 A

Fixtures to be ordered separately.

System category

  • Recessed Tracks In48

Length of track

Art.-No. 48-930423

in48 track
Length of track
3000 mm
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Track Profiles

In48 is designed for ultra-discreet applications of the Sense System. The components can be flush-mounted into walls, ceilings or furniture, thus maintaining the high flexibility that this modular low-voltage track system offers. The track can be installed on vertical and horizontal surfaces, or a combination of both.

For the installation of the recessed track drywall profiles and mountings kits are required. Both have to be ordered separately. We offer three different mounting options: kit for flush mounting, kit for semi-recessed mounting and kit for mounting in shelves.

professional product:
In addition to our standard products mentioned above, we offer Professional Products. These products may have special delivery times and shipping costs.
track, black, L= 3000 mm  (#48-930423)
track, bronze C31, L= 2000 mm  (#48-93082)
track, bronze C31, L= 3000 mm  (#48-930823)